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She Dreams
She stands at the end of everything,
dreaming of once upon a time.
Looking for a way to fly.
Waiting for the perfect sunrise.
She falls in love like an angel,
with everything she has.
Dreaming of a world more beautiful,
than this.
Thank this sweet, raucous reprieve.
She dreams of rainbows,
and wishes come true.
Happy endings amidst the chaos,
and good night kisses.
She seeks some sense of normalcy,
in the turbulence of beating hearts.
She longs to find God in everything,
and wishes for something.  Someone.
Something novel, something new,
Something unlike all that's come before.
Something real.
Someday she hopes she'll find it,
the something that she's seeking.
The love, the life, the dreams.
The remembrance.
Someday soon there will be laughter,
loving arms and whispered words.
Someday she'll find respite from the chaos.
Until then, she waits, and she prays,
and she learns.
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Someday, Someday
I'm counting the stars
one by one.
They're wishes in the sky.
Standing in the rain,
dreaming of someday.
My heart longs for simpler times,
and for wishes that come true.
For doors that are open,
for clear skies ahead,
and still I stand here waiting for you.
Dreaming of your eyes like storms,
remembering your voice.
Wanting something more,
wanting something real.
And still I stand here waiting.
I want to see the world.
I want to share it with you.
But you're so caught up in everything,
that you don't even see me.
I'm counting the stars one by one,
waiting for you.
Standing in the rain,
dreaming of someday.
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An Answered Prayer
I asked God for an angel,
For a sister,
For a friend.
I asked for one who understands
the means I take to reach my end.
I asked him for a mirror,
for a window to my soul.
Another soldier of the heart,
for one who knows the things I know.
For an anchor to ground me,
and for wings to lift me up.
For a way where there seems to be none,
and for strength to fill my cup.
I asked God for an angel,
a companion sure and true.
Then I looked to the North for an answer,
and he brought me steadfast you.
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The Secret to Happiness
I have found the secret to happiness,
It lies in simple things.
Like coffee in the morning,
and your voice on the line when the phone rings.
In giving up control,
and accepting a measure of fate.
In realizing the things worth having,
are the ones for which you have to wait.
In lifting your eyes in silent prayer,
and taking a leap of faith.
In knowing each day makes you stronger,
with the challenges you face.
In giving thanks for all the small things,
and cherishing each breath.
In never giving up, and pushing forward,
and finding peace amongst the mess.
I have found the secret to happiness,
It lies in simple things,
Like clear blue skies, or clouds above,
And the joy that chaos brings.
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There's a suitcase in my bedroom, sitting in the corner by the door, just waiting to be taken out.  It's bright purple, faux alligator skin, and it sparkles like the stars at midnight.  It's bright, flashy, and ostentatious like you wouldn't believe.  It looks nice, you think, when you first see it, but then, the longer you stare at it, the more you see it's flaws.  It's coming apart at the seams, you notice.  The edges are beginning to fray.  There are burn marks from old cigarettes and tears from broken beer bottles.  A few strands of auburn hair are stuck in the zippers.  I've been meaning to throw it out for months, but something always comes up.  It's still shiny, and I've had it for years -it's almost comforting.  So it sits there, taking up space in my inner sanctum.
The inside of the suitcase doesn't match it's exterior.  It's a dark, damp place, like the inside of an o
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The Auction
The Auction
Grace Chavez
12/12/2008; 5:30am
The hammer strikes the podium and silence falls once again on the crowd in the Azure Wind Auction House.  The auctioneer rattles off the next lot number and straightens his tie as a woman steps out from behind the curtain, and up onto the dais.  His tie has a small mustard stain on it, she notices -no one else does.  She smiles at the bidders, and turns in a slow circle, like she's done this a million times before.
"Female, hispanic, age twenty-five.  She has been with the auction house for eight years, now.  Bidding will start at 25k."  The dark beauty turns and walks down the catwalk provided, composure embedded in her every move.  You find your palm starts to sweat a little, as you watch her, and you raise your paddle.  The auctioneer raises the big, before revealing more of the woman's history to the waiting audience.  "She's in good condition," He t
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Hello fellow deviants!

After around ten minutes of convincing, I managed to convert another friend to deviousness.  She's a really talented photographer, and she totally rocks.

:spotlight-left: IListnToPictures :spotlight-right:

So..  go check her out!


Grace Chavez
United States
Current Residence: Albuquerque, NM
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, Lounge, Jazz, Classical, etc.
Favourite style of art: Digital Photography, CG art, rough sketches, and photo manipulation.
Operating System: Linux Mint
MP3 player of choice: Amarok


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I missed that show -which was totally heartbreaking for me -I had to work. Thanks for the compliments!
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